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ITEC Diploma in Diet and Nutrition

Nutritional information today is a minefield of contradictions - what constitutes a 'healthly diet' is not always understood nor appreciated. For example an excessive consumption of 'acidic ash' food such as meat, dairy and sugary foods are one of the causes of ill-health, as well as nutritional deficiencies, dehydration and environmental toxins.


  • The Principles of Longevity
    Live in a toxin-free environment :using cleaning and personal care that are
    safe and uncontaminated
  • Foods free of additives and preservatives.
    Strive to maintain an alkalised body system : 80% alkali ash food to 20% Acid ash food.
    Be well Hydrated: from high water content natural whole foods and fresh drinking water.
    Eat Natural Food : minerals are important for health and should be provided
    from whole and organic food.
  • In some cases Vitamins and minerals may need to be supplemented.
    Be active : exercise helps to maintain healthy immune defences.
    Maintain a positive outlook and spiritual awareness : Smiling, laughing
    being open are all components for a healthy life.

Understanding the above Principles

Using my knowledge of nutrition and the NES Health scan, we can identify more precisely the key truths in the body's requirements. In this instance only two screens of the NES are used as part of the consultation: environmental toxins, and nutrition. The NES scan is easy, the hand makes contact with the NES device connected to a software. A nutritional programme can then be outlined for re-establishing healthy eating while promoting the absorption of nutrients required for health. Hand outs may be provided for specific issues.


The NES scan may outline the need for the use of a carefully balanced food supplement. NEStrition supplements are unique. They are the only supplements that are specially enhanced with bio-information that may help correct energy and information distortions that might adversely affect a person's overall sense of well-being and vitality. Each formulations is a carefully thought-out combination of herbs and nutrients, designed to support important aspects of the body's self- healing capacities. These supplements are made from pure organic ingredients including botanicals, enzymes, minerals and vitamins that are readily recognised, retained, absorbed and utilised by the body.



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