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NES HEALTH : Health through Energy & Information

Working in the complementary and alternative healthcare market, NES Health has developed an information healthcare solution which helps to support and stimulate the body's own self-healing capacity.
All NES-certified practitioners are highly trained in a range of alternative health modalities. They use a unique device and the NES Provision software to explore a client's body-field and uncover distortions in that field, which may have a detrimental effect on the body's ability to deal with chemical, physical, emotional and environmental toxins. It provides a helping hand via the infoceuticals, to aid the body-field in correcting itself. Infoceuticals are revolutionary drops specifically created by NES Health to establish integrity in the human body-field. The NES infoceuticals drops are safe, effective and simple to use . Taken as drops in water, NES infoceuticals contain micro quantities of colloidal minerals which have been encoded with information to interact directly with the human-body-field to remove or resolve blockages or distortions.

At the beginning of your NES programme, you can expect to use between 3 and 5 NES infoceuticals at a time including

Big Field Aligners These help to align your body-field with the Earth's natural fields and forces, which is important for establishing overall well-being. Proper Big Field alignment is also crucial for the accuracy of future NES scans.

Energetics Drivers
These are designed to properly power your body-field so that it can efficiently coordinate the complex functions of your physical body and enhance your overall energy and vitality.

Energetics Integrators
These help to clear any distortions from the information pathways that your body uses to work properly. They help balance both the energy flow through acupuncture meridians and the clarity of mental functions and emotional communication.

As you progress in your NES programme you may use :

Energetic Terrains
These are designed to re-establish healing messages and activate energetic immunity within your body-field.

Energetics Stars
These are used in cases where there are major bioenergetic blockages correlated to your body's metabolic pathways and survival mechanisms.

At your initial consultation, your NES practitioner I will perform a NES ProVision scan,which will provide comprehensive details relating to your body-field, and will advise you of your personalised programme recommended by the ProVision software. You will be given the infoceuticals that can best help to correct issues with your body-field and support your overall well-being.

Most people notice an almost immediate sense of enhanced well-being and vitality. Some people report that they experience more dreams and a greater sense of personal insight.
As you continue on the programme, you should notice that the infoceuticals enhance your body's healing processes, helping to stimulate positive shifts in the specific physical and emotional issues you are seeking to address.

On occasion, some people may experience mild temporary reactions such as headaches or flu-like symptoms. This is quite normal and is a reflection of your body-field working more effectively, moving out those distortions that may be contributing to your health complaints. Any symptoms should subside after a few days.

A holistic approach to Nutritional Supplementation.

Nestrition is a range of carefully balanced nutritional supplement enhanced with bio-information using NES proprietary imprinting technology. To attain a greater sense of wellness or to maintain current good health, your metabolism, immune system and other physical systems need to be working properly. That means your body needs to receive the proper nutritional building blocks to be able to maintain and repair itself. The NES Provision assessment will highlight the specific herbal supplement if required.

The range of natural herbal supplement includes :
Tumismooth - to promote peak digestive performance and help relieve gastrointestinal distress.
Aoenz - to promote peak digestive performance and help relieve gastrointestinal distress.
Heart Beat - to support the heart and circulatory system.
ETsupport- a natural and effective support for the immune system
Transzyme - a support for cell production and strong immunity
Helpflex - a complex, multi-ingredients formula to support and help strengthen the liver.
Flamese - A natural, powerful anti-inflammatory.


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